Crafts: Blanket Stitch Embroidery iPod Headphone Cord

Crafts: Blanket Stitch Embroidery iPod Headphone Cord

If your house is like ours, there are at least five pairs of headphones in it and they are all white. Stop the fighting over headphone cables by customizing them with wool or embroidery thread!

Age: 10+
Time: 1-2 hours
Plan on buying 3-4 skeins of embroidery thread at $.99/ea.?Beads: customize with beads or buttons. We have a selection in-store and Sunstone Beads on Cowrie Street has some inexpensive starter beads right up to beautiful signature beads if you?re making them as a gift for grown ups!

Set up each ear bud as a separate wrapping project. You can also put a band of black or alternate coloured floss in the middle of the right earbud so you can easily see at a glance which is left and right.



  • Tape your headphone jack end of the cord down on to a board, book or table to keep it still.
  • Find the middle point of your first skein and slide it up under the headphone cord up to the top where it is taped.
  • Right handed: start from the right (left handers do it opposite)
  • Slide the right side of the floss under the headphones and take it over the other side of the embroidery floss
  • Then take the left side of the floss and cross it over the top of the headphone cord and pull it through the loop made by the right side
  • Pull it from both sides to make it taut, and then just gently pull it up to the top


  • If the knot begins to twist, swap the right and left and follow the same method as before.
  • When you reach the divider for the ear buds, double knot at the end by the divider and cut the floss.

*To add beads, just loop them through the end of the line wherever you want them to be included.

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