Plastic Loom Scarf Knitting Project

Plastic Loom Scarf Knitting Project

Learn how to create a scarf using an inexpensive plastic loom. The tutorial host in the third video is amazing – very well spoken without ums and ahhs, this young person is going far!

Age 10+
Beginner knitting
Materials list:
This project can be done just with a pair of knitting needles or using one of the Spool or Loom kits we have in the store. Choose from our wide yarn selection for style and colours.

Go to approximately 2:00 for the tutorial to start. A bit blurry in places but you get the idea.

This one goes over the basics, and includes hats and scarves, and how to use inexpensive/thin yarn on your loom.

Casting on to the loom and getting started with a ruffled yarn. Good camera angle and instructions for widths.