Celebrating 4 Years Together!

Here we are folks! Four years adds up to a lot of yarn wound, fabric cut, measurements deliberated, and colours considered.  So we hope you’ll join us this weekend to celebrate with a sale!  We’re going to have a Draw-Your-Discount Sale again this year, so once you have chosen what goodies to take home with you, you can draw to receive anywhere from 10% – 60% off your entire regularly priced purchase!*  We’ll also be offering delicious mini cupcakes from Cheeky Monkey Cakes who make their delightful treats just down the street from us!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend! We’ll be open Saturday from 9:30-5:30pm and Sunday from 11-4pm so you can stop in and say hi and of course, draw your discount!

*Unfortunately this doesn’t include items already on sale, sewing machines, class fees and services like machine repair and scissor sharpening. It does include a lot of other great stuff though!


Friday March 30th   11-4pm (Holiday Hours)

Saturday March 31st   9:30-5:30pm

Sunday April 1st   11-4pm

Monday April 2nd   11-4pm (Holiday Hours)



New in Store!

Let’s talk about Outdoor fabric!

After manufacturing issues and delays we are finally expecting our shipment of this year’s indoor outdoor fabrics! They’re right on trend using plenty of blue and aqua tones, mixed with coral and orange but with a few classic combinations in the mix as well.  All these fabrics are rot and mildew resistant, as well as an extended 1000 hour UV resistant treatment to prevent fading. Look for them next week!


Hey, what ever happened to Finishuary?

Congratulations to the wonderful folks who participated in our Finishuary project! We saw a number of languishing projects get picked back up and finished and we couldn’t be happier.  Above are a few of the items that got finished up, and we got reports a some things that didn’t quite make the deadline but got completed none the less. Spring cleaning sure feels good doesn’t it?